Nutrition 101 – This is a great session to get the team involved and learn (or be reminded) of the foundations of nutrition.

  • What is a healthy diet
  • Common dietary trends and their outcomes
  • Common nutrient deficiencies and their consequences
  • How do I meet 100% of my daily nutrient requirements and what would this look like over a day
  • Key features of a “Healthy and Sustainable Weight Loss” and dangers of unhealthy weight loss diets.
  • Maximizing energy levels over the day
  • Quick, easy and tasty meal and snack ideas that support optimal health
  • Top tips for supporting a healthy and sustainable dietary and lifestyle change

This session is run by Amy-Lee Gianotti. Amy is a Dietitian, Sports Dietitian, Personal Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Running Coach, Yoga Teacher, Speaker and Author of her own E Book’s.

Amy promotes a holistic approach to health where physical, social, psychological and spiritual health all play equal parts to a healthy and happy life.

Amy’s huge success with athletes and performance also greatly originates from her own experience as an athlete. Always active in a variety of sports, she has competed at high levels in running and triathlon also making the Australian team for Sprint, Olympic and Half Ironman distance triathlon and also the Standard Duathlon for her age group.

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