Remote ergonomic assessments

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We understand these are testing times at the moment, and we’d be lying if we said that it’s business as usual. We know many of you are directly being affected now and this will continue to be felt for a while yet. Now, more than ever is an important time to have a positive influence on your own health and wellbeing and the health and wellbeing of your teams.

It’s hard having to adjust…. Not being able to move about as freely as you’d like and having to work from a makeshift work station that provides a new set of problems and if you have a family as I do, countless new distractions.

All of these things can have a MAJOR impact on your body, which can affect your mental health, your mood, and your overall well being.

These are three key areas that I’m supporting clients with right now:

1.  How to optimise the setup of your home office
2.  How to mitigate and manage the changes to normal daily movement and physical wellbeing
3.  How to adjust effectively with your new home and work environment.

Here’s how I’m offering support during this time:

1. Online 45 minute video consultations – for remote ergonomic assessment or pain/injury management
2. My Top 5 tips for people working from home (see below)


Remote Ergonomic Assessment 

If you are now working from home, it’s important to ensure that your home workstation setup is as optimised as it can be. To help you and your business out, well people are offering remote ergonomic assessments.

Who is it for?
Anyone, who isn’t able to have us come and see you face to face. Whether you’re working from home or just need an update of your current situation.

How does it work?
Much like an in person consultation, the session will begin with taking a history of what’s happening for you – Any pain/injury history we need to be aware of, or specific concerns you have about your setup will be addressed now.
We’ll conduct a thorough safety audit of the environment around your workstation as well as the workstation itself.
We’ll make recommendations for adjustments you can make and If necessary or practical to do so, we’ll make recommendations on equipment that might make your setup better.

What does it cost?
Online assessments run for 30-45 minutes and are $70+ GST. We can send the invoice directly to your company if they have made provision for you to do this. (If they haven’t yet done so, put us in touch with the right people).

How do I book?
Send an email to and we’ll be in touch with the steps you need to take.


My top 5 tips for setting up your home workstation

1. Find Your Space
Make sure your workplace is safe. Free from trip hazards, well ventilated and with appropriate temperature.

2. Setup your workstation
Optimise your setup. It may not be possible to mirror what you have set up in the office. Take some time to set up your workstation so that you feel comfortable. Doing this will help avoid pain and produce effective work.

  • Ideally you can use a desktop monitor or laptop on a stand where your eye line sits in the top 1/3 of the screen.
  • An external mouse and keyboard are in easy reach
  • You sit on a chair with your feet firmly planted on the floor
  • You may find this video I’ve made useful as a guide.

3. Schedule breaks into your day
The most important thing you can do throughout your day is to take regular breaks. This is vital to maintain focus, productivity and prevent muscular pains creeping in.

Take a short 5 minute movement break at least every 60 minutes, and a longer 15-30 minute break every couple of hours. Set an alarm on your phone to remind you to take these breaks.

4. Connect 
Social distancing really should be named physical distancing. This is the ideal time to connect with your workmates, friends, family and others around you. Schedule 3x 15 minute calls each day specifically to connect with friends, family and colleagues.

5. Go easy on yourself 
It’s easy to get caught up in the stress, adrenaline and panic of the last couple of weeks. Have some compassion and understanding for yourself and others as we all adjust to the current environment.

In the meantime you can get a head start on your setup via the video below….

How to setup your workstation

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