Bring your people together and learn strategies to make them healthier and more productive employees. We have a variety of options to suit your needs and can create bespoke programs just for you.

It’s best to have a discussion around what would work best for your people but here is a snapshot of some of the presentations we’ve run in the past.

1. Avoiding musculoskeletal pain in the workplace

  • Covers ergonomics, posture and introducing more movement to the workplace with the focus on worker wellbeing.
  • Runs through current best practice for setting up workstations and covers the do’s and don’ts of posture which may include a few surprises along the way.
  • Best paired with individual ergonomic assessments for workers to get the most out of their workplace set-up.

2. Actionable Strategies to improve productivity and performance

  • When your job requires you to build interpersonal connections and foster collaborations, feeling irritable or uncomfortable is no longer simply an inconvenience. It can directly influence the degree to which you are successful.
  • Covers ergonomics, posture and introducing more movement to the workplace with the focus on worker performance and productivity. Ideal for sales teams where productivity and performance are highly valued.

3. Building a Bigger cup

  • Essentially, our health, physical, mental and emotional capacity is the “cup”. Meanwhile, stress, work, training, fatigue, etc is what goes in the “cup”. When our cup is full, we are at our limit, and when it overflows, we may experience stress, pain, anxiety or even injury to name a few.
  • The contents of the cup are not inherently bad. In fact, it’s those stressors in our life that catalyze a reaction in us. It’s those stressors that can build us up, to tolerate more, to cope better and build resiliency.

4. Movement in the workplace

  • Everyone knows exercise is good, but sometimes getting the recommended amount when combined with a 9-5 workday and a busy family/home life is tough.
  • We cover strategies to fit it in before, during and after working hours and we cover all the reasons why it’s a great idea to prioritize.
  • Pair with facilitated exercise sessions for your team to get them up and running (sometimes literally).

5. Family health and wellness

  • This presentation focuses on health and wellbeing for the whole family and looks at ways of implementing health and wellness into your home life.

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